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Difficult Times

All throughout 2019 I was excited and looking forward to 2020. “2020” looked nice in print and had such a nice sound to it. I’d always think in terms of vision when I’d hear 20/20, clear and perfect vision, something I used to have a long time ago. But as I work with members, I think of 2020 in terms of finances and I’m excited to help members develop a clear vision of their financial well-being and assist them in strengthening it. As the year began, little did I know what lay ahead and how 2020 would be anything but exciting or clear.

It has been a difficult year for most, filled with unprecedented challenges, losses, and unknown events that are beyond our imaginations. At the beginning of the pandemic, many cities and states shut down their economies, many lost their jobs or were sent home to work remotely, businesses were closed and we were required to stay home, practice social distancing along with many other implemented changes to our normal. So many times throughout these past many months, I’ve witnessed an outpouring of love, kindness, concern and generosity for family, friends, neighbors, even strangers and entire communities and it is this “helping each other” spirit that I prefer to focus on. It keeps me happy.

We’re Here for You!

MGECU has always been here for our members and will continue to be here for you. We are “People Helping People.” It’s the way of credit unions. As soon as it was announced that COVID-19 was a pandemic, MGECU created a variety of programs to meet the needs of members who were struggling to get through these difficult times. We remain committed to providing financial services and assistance to those who may still be affected by the pandemic. We will always strive for 20/20 vision as we provide financial clarity for all and now may be the best time for MGECU to assist you with your financial well-being. We’re Here for You!

If you should, now or in the future, be experiencing financial problems due to a reduction to income, unexpected expenses, or a health issue, please give us a call and talk with us. We will do everything possible to help! Helping you makes us happy. May you have a safe and meaningful 2021 .

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We Now Do Mortgage Loans!

1st and 2nd Mortgages*

  • Up to 15 Year Terms
  • Up to 90% Loan to Value
  • Save Big on In-house Loans up to $100,000

At MGECU, we know our members and you don’t have to have perfect credit to get a loan with us. We know you and we have money to loan on your house. If you need to refinance your 1st Mortgage in order to get it paid off early or if you need a 2nd mortgage to get extra money for remodeling or repairs, we can help. And we promise the fees will be reasonable. Give us a call to see if we can save you some money on your home loans.

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*Mortgages on primary residential properties located in Utah only.