Stop Payment Request

Stop Payment Request
We may use this email to verify your information regarding this account and this email and must match the email we have on record.
We may use this phone to verify your information regarding this account and this number must match the phone number we have on record.
The number on the check you're stopping. For multiple checks use #125-130.
Must use the exact amount.
Notice and Disclosures

By submitting this Stop Payment order on the above check you are acknowledging that you have examined all Credit Union statements and confirm this check has not been paid. The amount shown above is the exact amount of the check. The Credit Union will not guarantee stop payment on the above check if the amount shown on this order is not the exact amount of the check. This stop payment order is not valid or binding until signed by the drawer submitted and verified either by phone or e-mail.

I acknowledge that it will require up to one business day (24 hours) to determine if this check/checks has been cleared.

I agree to hold the Credit Union blameless for all expenses and costs incurred in exercising its right to refuse payment. If the Credit Union pays my check over this binding Stop Payment Order, I must establish to the satisfaction of Meadow Gold Employees Credit Union the amount of my loss resulting directly from the Credit Union’s payment of the check contrary to my order. The Credit Union will pay only the amount of the loss, not the face amount of the check.

This request shall expire six months from the day we receive it; however, renewals may be made. No renewal or withdrawal shall be valid unless in writing and delivered to the Credit Union. I acknowledge that all items in this document have been completed by me or under my direction before I executed this Stop Payment Order. I acknowledge that I am solely responsible for any errors which appear on this document. I am aware that I will be charged a Stop Payment Fee as stated on the Rate and Fee Schedule.